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The people who come running to hug you after you haven’t seen them in awhile are my favorite type of people.

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how do people major in mathematics dont you love yourself

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I wish my wallet came with free refills

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i want to be friends with so many people but i hate starting conversations because im as awkward as a carrot and no one replies to me and then they all bitch about me and say that i push people away or that i’m a cold bitch 

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do you ever FEEL yourself being annoying but you CAN’T stop

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do ur squats
eat ur vegetables
wear red lipstick
dont let boys be mean to u

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I can relate to this


Making me jealous will only push me away from you. It won’t make me want you more. I’m not very competitive, if I see someone who’s making you a lot happier than I am, I’ll back up because I’ll assume you want that person a lot more. Although it’ll hurt seeing someone other than me make you happy, I’ll leave it to them to keep you entertained. I don’t like the feeling of being unwanted or being just second best. I’m a very jealous person and I hate it.

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